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“Hello my lunar love, welcome to Lunar Living, an online sisterhood and programme where I teach how to weave the secret and wisdom of Mother Moon into modern, everyday life.
Get ready to create real magic and transformation in your life.
Lunar love and moon magic
Kirsty x

Working with the magic of the moon cycles

Have you ever woken up feeling overly emotional or simply ‘stuck’? Have you ever found yourself obsessing over certain areas of your life for no apparent reason? Are there days when your gut instinct and intuition are as clear as a bell? Or days when everything falls into place, like magic? Or perhaps, there are days when you crave quiet solitude, or nights when your mind races and you just can’t switch off?

Do you ever feel like you’re just not in full control of your life?

What if I told you all of these things and more can be explained by working with the constantly changing cycles of the moon?

Every monthly moon, and each of her phases, offers us different opportunities, challenges and lessons. Lunar Living provides an understanding of emotional impulses and clear guidance on how to use the energies of each moon phase to not only take back control of your life, but to hold yourself accountable, and to start living a life of true purpose.

Lunar Living is a tool of immense self-awareness, self-care, nourishment, manifestation and purpose.

As your moon mentor, I will guide you through each moon phase, showing you how to use each to your advantage, along with the influences of the zodiac signs, to bring you back home to yourself and your dreams. I will teach you how to go with the flow of life, rather than constantly trying to push against it.

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The power of the Lunar Living sisterhood

In ancient times, women would have gathered on the new moon to menstruate, a sacred time to share, support and encourage each other. Through the Lunar Living online programme, you will join an empowered sisterhood of women who carry on these values of support and enlightenment.


In addition, you will work with the magic of the moon to learn that there is a time to be and a time to do, to tune in to your emotions, to reconnect to yourself, others and nature, to trust in a guiding force – and to trust in yourself.

“Some people don’t ‘get it’, it’s great to find a community who do” – Lunar Living member

Let the moon magic in

Coming back into a cycle and rhythm with the moon will be life changing. It offers you not only time, but also the space to get to the bottom of why you are feeling and living the way you are, allowing you to finally hear the call of your soul.
Through the Lunar Living programme, you will get to connect with me as your moon mentor and your fellow moon sisters in live monthly ‘moon circles’. I will provide deep insights into each moon, guided meditations, rituals and more – revealing my moon musings to bring clear guidance on how you can work with the mystical and magical energies of the moon.

The programme includes:

Member’s hub

Live Moon Circle every new moon (with recording)

Guided meditations specific to each moon

Full detailed descriptions (‘Moon Musings’) about the energies of each new and full moon

Clear guidance each new and full moon on how to work with/use the moons energies – including how you set intentions and take action

Worksheet for every moon with soul enquiry questions to help you hear your souls’ deep inner callings

Exercises and rituals to work with to help move beyond blocks, welcome in more happiness and abundance, evolve and grow

Private Facebook group (our online sisterhood) where you can connect with Kirsty and your fellow moon sisters

Direct access to Kirsty via the Facebook group to ask questions and take part in live Q&As and tutorials

Additional information and downloads about the wheel of the year cycles as they arrive

Priority booking and discounted rates for all moon workshops, moon retreats and more

50% off all Kirsty’s Moon, Yoga, Meditation & Ritual classes until June 2021

Start your lunar journey now for just £22p/m

(min 6 month commitment)


“What I love most about lunar living is the powerful container you’ve created for my growth. By putting myself within your structure, I’ve learned how to recognise, understand, and work with the cycles of the moon, my body’s cycle, the seasons of the natural world and my own creative cycles, while connected to a community of women exploring the same. It feels like a deep, somatic understanding, like I’m physically “getting it” on a new level”

“For me, the new and full moon soul enquiries have made the most impact on my life… it really connects me to my intuition…helping me work out what is important now…the soul guidance lets me know exactly what I need to be doing”

“Since starting Lunar Living my yoga has gotten back on track, I’ve started teacher training, running and singing, I’m no longer reacting to other people – even my husband and kids say I am pretty chilled now!”


Lunar Living

I want you to get the very best from this course and really tune and delve into the life-changing magic of the moon. In order to do this, you have to learn to work once more with a rhythm and cycle, and this takes a little time. One month is simply not enough time to work through the different phases, signs, energies and the full spectrum of all the magical moon has to offer. After all, six months is a little commitment to gain a lifetime of connection to living a lunar life.
No problem. All calls will be recorded and sent to you by email at the end of the session.
As little or as much as you like. One thing I am all about in life is simplicity, so you may choose to simply tune in on a new and full moon and that would still offer life-changing benefits. Like all relationships in life, the more time you spend communicating with Grandmother Moon the more wisdom she will share with you. It’s all up to you. Our monthly calls will no more than 1 hour long. The meditations I send to you are around 10 minutes in length and you can spend as long on the soul enquiry and rituals as your soul needs.
Yes! We’re thrilled so many men have taken an interest in Lunar Living and are delighted to be able to share the moon magic. Men are more than welcome to join Lunar Living, however on a slightly reduced programme (reflected in the membership cost). The programme includes all aspects of Lunar Living with the exception of the sacred moon circle and online sisterhood (Facebook group). In ancient times, woman would gather for a few days around each new moon to menstruate in a moon lodge or red tent. This would have been a time to withdraw from day-to-day life when woman would share, support and encourage each other. The Lunar Living moon circle and online support group are a well-established reflection of this ancient tradition, and so these areas will remain female-focused. To sign up, please click here

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Start your lunar journey now for just £22p/m

(min 6 month commitment)


Your Moon Mentor

“Looking back, I’ve always been fascinated by the moon and astrology. I remember as a teenager pouring over astrology books to find out all about my sun sign and moon sign and how it related to me as a person and life.

My real journey with the moon began in 2009 when I spent 8 months in India. Immersed in my yoga teacher training and on a real soul journey, the moon came to be one of my greatest teachers. It is traditional not to practice yoga on the full and new moon (due to the energetic forces the moon has on us as humans) and here I saw for myself the effects of the moon. You could actually feel things shift on moon days, the energy differed, and people’s moods and personalities noticeably changed and my love affair with the moon began.

Moon days became days for self-care, self-reflection and also for me fasting. The Hindu tradition has long recognised and respected the influence the moon has on humans and their behaviours and it is traditional in many Indian households to fast on full and new moon days (known as Purnima and Amavasya) I loved the devotional aspect to this honouring of the cycles of the moon and so fasting became ritual for me too. These days of quiet contemplation allowed me to fully connect to and draw upon the energies of the moon and immerse in her effects and guidance. It became a turning point, a day of insights and answers and deep stirrings in my heart and soul.

I continued the practice for little while upon returning to the UK but as is often the case “real life” got in the way. I still wanted a way to mark these transitional points in each month though, so I developed ceremonies and rituals in order to stay in tune with the moons ever changing cycles. It was only a matter of time before I began sharing these running ‘yoga moon workshops’ to help people connect to the powerful energies of the full and new moon. I began sharing my moon wisdom through posts on social media, in all the yoga classes I teach and now run regular workshops on this.

The interest and hundreds of emails and direct messages I get from everyone from businessmen to mums, teenage girls to older men made me realise that people of all ages from all backgrounds and in all walks of life are actively seeking a reconnection to cycles, to nature, to understanding rhythms, seeking guidance and ultimately a different way to live. To no longer just be thrown around by emotions and feelings, not sure why you are feeling like this or that. Working with the ancient wisdom of the moon brings answers to all of this, and this course will help you to not only understand but also work with the moon to create real transformation.

I very much hope you join me on this journey, I so look forward to sharing the moon magic with you”.

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