Welcome, I’m Kirsty

I am a moon mentor, author, soul alignment and transformation coach, yoga teacher, meditation teacher and founder of Lunar Living.

I work alongside women helping them live back in alignment with an ancient cycle, a natural rhythm and flow, and to help them to connect back into their authenticity and purpose. Weaving lunar wisdom with soul guidance readings, astrology and cutting-edge transformational coaching techniques, I help women to overcome doubts, fears and self-sabotage to find a deep inner connection and meaning in life.

For over 10 years, I have been sharing the life-changing benefits of yoga and the moon through private and corporate sessions, classes and workshops and have taught over 80 worldwide retreats.

Alongside a full teaching and coaching schedule, I consult for and run a number of corporate wellness programmes, talks and workshops bringing lunar-inspired yoga, self-care, stress management, meditation and mindfulness to the business world in a relatable way that everyone can take something from.


Lunar Living is an online programme and sisterhood which teaches how to weave the ancient wisdom of the moon into modern, everyday life.
This programme will guide you through each monthly moon cycle, showing clearly how to use the energies of each lunar phase to your advantage – to bring you back home to yourself, your purpose and your dreams.
Join a sisterhood of enlightened and empowered woman, coming back into cycle and rhythm with the moon and themselves to create profound transformation in their lives.

Soul Guidance Coaching and Readings

As a spiritual and transformation coach and mentor my aim is to help you to come back home to yourself – back into alignment with your heart, soul, intuition, power, purpose and the wisdom that lives within you. If you are feeling lost, stuck, disconnected from your truth, are aware that there is ‘more to life’ and are looking for answers – this is for you. It’s time to step up, show up and create positive and lasting change in your life.

Corporate Yoga London

One of my passions is teaching yoga in the business world, bringing yoga to the people who often need it the most. I provide corporate yoga classes in London, vital for reducing stress levels and soothing desk bodies, and ideal as a pre-work or lunchtime pick-me-up or an end of day wind down.

Private Yoga London

Whether you want the luxury of yoga in your own home, wish to reduce stress levels or rehabilitate an injury, connect back into something more sacred, deepen your practice or just get stronger and more flexible – I can help. Private yoga classes can fit around your busy schedule and will be tailored to meet your exact needs to make sure that you get the very best out of each and every practice.

Aligned is a journey through the wheel of the year. Using nature as the ideal metaphor for life, this is a heartfelt journey through the seasons to truly align yourself with your vision and dreams, your purpose, your heart and truth, your voice, authenticity, beliefs, worth, value, morals, intuition and true nature. Your journey back home to yourself begins here…


Imagine a holiday where you can to devote yourself to daily yoga practice, relax in beautiful surroundings, nurture your body with pure, nourishing foods and meet like-minded people. A time to think only of yourself and your wellbeing by taking time out to completely relax and recharge your batteries, allowing inspiration to flood in. I have been teaching retreats for over eight years now and have taught over 80 retreats – I just love it!


Workshops are an opportunity to think outside of box, to gain new insights and inspiration. Workshops often allow us to embrace something new, and in doing so, create a sense of belief in ourselves as we learn to be open to all possibilities.


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