Yoga for the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


Happy Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse…

In perfect timing (as always!) this full moon comes right after the spring equinox and just before the coming long weekend.

During the spring equinox we delved into the growth, positive life changes, new beginnings and clearing out what is no longer needed that this sparkly spring energy brings with it. This full moon and most of all the lunar eclipse really brings us a beautiful opportunity to end to begin again. Think about nature – over the autumn we watch everything around us let go, shedding leaves and loosing blossoms. Over winter things can even seem to die off as they revert inwards into hibernation. But all of this only happens so that they can grow again come spring. It’s really only by letting go, shedding and going inwards into hibernation that we can gain insight and strength and clarity and once more come into full blossom, colour, beauty. This moon is a last grounding pause in hibernation before we fully leap into spring, which we can use to truly see what we need to let go of in order for us to come into our full growth and potential. Take some quiet time, get really honest and really deeply go inwards – what is holding you back? What stops you from coming into your full blossom? What do you no longer want to take into spring with you? Use the powerful energies of this full moon lunar eclipse to end so that you can begin again…

This moon is also perfect for the coming holiday weekend as Libra is a social sign and loves being surrounded by people so this is a time to be outside and most of all connection. This moon is connecting us to US as a whole and I’m especially feeling the pull this year for us all to come together. We’ve spent far too long competing and pulling each other down and now its needs to be more about collaboration. Now more than ever we need to come together to share, support and help each other bring dreams to life. Together we can be more powerful and by helping each other we actually help ourselves. So use this holiday weekend to share time, space, love, connection and fun with family, friends and loved ones. Reconnect with anyone you have lost contact with or finally follow the prompt to contact someone who may have kept coming to mind a lot lately – it’s all for a reason and may spark that creative collaboration you have been dreaming of!

Most of all enjoy the energies of this full moon lunar eclipse and remember the main messages of this time… let go to start again and collaborate.

If you really want to tune into the energies if this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and need a little more help with letting go to start again try this short but incredibly sweet and powerful yoga practice…
Begin in childs pose. As you rest here feel as though you are deeply grounding and releasing into the earth. Feel the earth come up from beneath to support you and feel incredibly safe and grounded. From this quiet and safe space start to allow yourself to explore your life as it is. Is there anything in your life which brings you a sense of heaviness, unrest or a feeling of being stuck or scared? Without any judgement just allow these things to form in your mind.

Come up onto all fours and follow some gentle cat/cows allowing yourself to become lost in the breath and movement.

When you feel ready come into anahatasana (if this is too much you can do the half version by bringing one forearm down parallel to the top of your mat, resting your forehead on the back of this arm and bringing the other arm out in front of you. See image above) As you spend anywhere up to 2/3 minutes here feel as though your heart is opening. Feel anything that you no longer need spilling out of your heart into the earth below allowing it to go with compassion and understanding, knowing that this releasing and ending is only for a new beginning. As you gently empty out your heart of any heaviness, unforgiveness, emotion, people, situations or fears feel as though you heart is becoming brighter and lighter.

Move back into childs pose for a few breaths feeling so much more light and free, ready now for the new beginnings.

Bring the hands to rest on the floor by the knees. Next time you inhale come up to stand on the knees and reach the arms out to either side opening yourself up to and welcoming new life, new opportunities, new beginnings. As you exhale move back into childs pose. repeat this 5-10 times standing up on the knees, throwing the arms out to each side and taking a breath of freedom with every inhale, grounding back into the earth with each exhale.

When you have finished rest back in childs pose. Notice the difference between how you feel now compared to how you felt when you first came here at the beginning. Feel as though you truly have let go to start again and when you are ready leap back into your life with a spring in your step welcoming in all the new beginnings coming your way…


If you enjoyed this practice please feel free to share the yoga love! If you’d like to practice with me in person you can find details of my upcoming workshops in London and Dubai here. We also delve much deeper into this kind of work on my retreats, especially my Goddess retreats in Ibiza in June and September. You can find all these details here.

If you have any questions or anything you’d like me to write more about please do get in touch, I always love to hear from you…

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