The word Lila in Sanskrit means Divine Play, and this is what workshops invite you to do – to be playful in your practice.

A yoga workshop is the ideal opportunity to step outside of the box, deepen and transform your practice on every level and gain new insight and inspiration. A workshop allows the chance for in-depth study, to focus on specifics and no matter what level you are at give you all the tips, tools and information that you need to take your practice to the next level. Embrace the chance to try something new and in doing so create a sense of belief in yourself and your practice as you learn how to go deeper and further and be open to all possibilities.

Dependent on the subject workshops may be anything from a 2hour master class up to a full day or even a full weekend.

To explore your limitless potential, seek extra inspiration, fine tune your practice and gain deeper understanding join me in the flow on one of the workshops below…

There are no planned workshops currently, please check back regularly.