Virgo New Moon – August 2019

Posted on August 27th, 2019

The last full moon in Aquarius took you into your ‘nearly but not quite’ and asked you to begin to realise and step into your full service to the world. Now along comes this earthy Virgo new moon, together with a coming new month and a new season to help you make your dreams and new beginnings very grounded and real.

The Virgo new moon can bring a ‘back to school’ feeling with it and that’s just what this moon is here for – to bring you back to reality, and in many ways, take you back to school to gain the knowledge and any missing information you may need to move things forward.

The most practical of moons, Virgo asks you to look at the here and now, as it’s only from this present moment that you can make a change. Virgo wants you to be able to move forward towards very real, very grounded dreams from a very real, very grounded place. It’s time to (literally) come back down to earth, back to life, back to reality, back to this moment; the only moment from which you can make change.

Bring yourself back to reality

Especially if you’ve had a summer of escapism or being so busy your feet haven’t touched the ground. This is an extremely focused new moon that will bring you back to reality, but also give you a much-needed boost of inspiration and a drive to get things done. If you have felt resistance to change over the summer, Virgo brings fresh new inspiration and energy to truly make this a moon of new beginnings.   It’s in this present-moment reality check that this moon holds its most intensity and its most healing – especially if you are confronted with the truth that here is not where you want (or planned) to be. Virgo, with its critical, perfectionist, demanding energy can bring the voice of 'never enough' and your deepest inner critic rushing to the surface for you to realise and heal.