Virgo Full Moon – March 2020

Posted on March 6th, 2020

The last full moon in Leo asked you to shine brightly and take centre stage in your life. Then along came the Pisces new moon to create endings for new beginnings. Now along comes this practical earthy Virgo full super moon to help you to plan the way forwards into spring-filled new beginnings and the astrological new year.

This super full moon is going to shine a bright full moon light on your life, with practical, organised Virgo putting everything under scrutiny to help you to sort through your life, find order and make firm plans towards your future.

The day after the full moon peaks, Virgo’s ruling plant Mercury goes direct again, bringing even more clarity and not only the insight to make more sense of things that may have seemed unclear and confusing during the retrograde, but also the ability to be able to express and communicate these knowings.

Virgo is an extremely grounded earth sign, meaning that you can’t hide, fantasise, pretend or make excuses under this moon

This moon is almost like a celestial slap that brings you back to reality and means that everything will suddenly become obvious to you. Where you are, what you are doing, what you are allowing yourself to put up with, the gut feelings you are hearing/ignoring, the ways your fears control you, what is weighing you down, where you are stuck and most of all what needs to change in order for you to move forwards and be happy. The magic of this moon is in using this Virgo energy to organise, plan, create and focus your attention on where you want to be. Solid and earthy the Virgo moon provides the tools that you need to actually get things done. Be methodical and put daily, weekly and monthly goals in place. Virgo loves routine and structure and this very structure and routine can create a hugely supportive foundation for the change that needs to happen to lead you towards happiness. This is the last full moon of this astrological year, and this full moon is here to shine a way forwards into a new chapter, a new season, a new astrological year. Use this full moon to let go of all of the ways you get in your own way and to help you to make a clear plan of how you will get from this present moment to the reality that you dream of.