Taurus Full Moon Supermoon November 2016

Posted on November 14th, 2016

As many of you may be feeling this is a super power super full moon, but in a much more grounded and real way.

The scorpio new moon a few weeks ago asked you to face your fears, make friends with your shadow and own your own power (read here) and this supermoon comes to shine a bright big full moon light on anything that is left to complete before we move into hibernation.

Taurus seeks to feel grounded, secure and stable and so this is a beautiful moon to really get into what it is that makes you feel like this. It is a moon for focussing your intention on what truly matters to you and what needs to change in order for you to become completely happy.

The deeply earthy energy of this Taurus moon will help you to ground your emotions and find clarity in them. Remember that emotions are so important as they are our guides. Instead of pushing them away (especially the “negative” ones) see them as signposts – if something is making you unhappy it’s not a direction you want to keep travelling in. Do you often ignore and suppress your emotions? Sit with your emotions this moon and really get in touch with them. What are they telling you? What are you avoiding? What is the guidance?

Being an earth sign Taurus only deals with what is real and so this moon will deal with practical matters of self worth, security, emotion, knowing your true self, following your hearts desire and most of all honouring all of these.

The first full moon of winter it’s the ideal time before we head into deep hibernation to let go of old emotions that you no longer need such as blame, resentment, shame and anything that has been holding you down or keeping you stuck this year. These things will only fester and harden even more over winter. Instead we want to go into our hibernation time with a freedom and lightness of being so it’s all about resting, renewal, regrowth and re inspiration. You may want to do a releasing ceremony tonight to help with this (see here)

Dependable, safe, solid, practical and grounded see this moon like a wise, trusted friend or Grandmother. Look up at the moon tonight and ask for her wisdom, courage, advice, strength and to help you in any ways in which you need it.

Get barefoot on the earth, feel the ground beneath and the moon above and know that your dreams need rooting and for you to be stable and grounded into them for come to life. We have to be fully grounded into who we truly are, believing in and loving ourselves and feel secure before we can make magic, and this moon is the one to do just that.

On a final note, especially after all that has been happening in our world at the moment this is a moon of being real and grounded into true action. Rather than just over the top emotion and trigger reactions this is a time to come together. To support, encourage, grow roots, make real, true, grounded lasting change. It starts with us, with each and every one of us, and together we are stronger…
Happy Full Taurus Supermoon