Taurus Full Moon – November 2019

Posted on November 9th, 2019

The Scorpio new moon took you deep down into the depths of yourself and your emotions, into the shadows, the hidden and the unknown and bringing into the moonlight all matters of vulnerability and intimacy. Now along comes this Taurus full moon to help you to anchor it all and become truly at home in yourself.

To do this, this full moon wants you to get right into the dirt, into the earth. Continuing the theme of Scorpio (and with us still being in Scorpio season) this full moon is going to shine a full moonlight on your deepest insecurities and all the things you allow to go unsaid and unheard. Everything you push below the surface is going to come bubbling up. But only so you can see it, feel it, learn from it, heal it, release it and rise from it.

Taurus is all about being grounded and stable and truly at home in ‘you’. In order to do this you need to be rooted in your own reality, your own truth and to know, accept and own yourself fully, completely, wholeheartedly, unapologetically – every part of yourself. Which means firstly reaching into your deepest self and seeing it all. Taurus will help you to see, accept, own and embrace your Scorpio shadows, so that your light can shine even brighter.

Taurus is all about being grounded and stable and truly at home in 'you'

Ruled by Venus, Taurus brings a real self-care element and so if you have been feeling the Scorpio sting Taurus will help to show you how to truly take care of you as you navigate this energy and face any changes that may be taking place. As we are still in mercury retrograde use this full moon time to really slow down and look after you. The Taurus moon deals with practical matters of material security, making this a wonderful moon to look at your money stories and welcome in financial abundance. The Taurus bull loves freedom and so this moon will help you to begin to see ways to find financial freedom in your life. This moon brings a wonderful turning point where you get to move forward from a place of true self-awareness, self-knowledge, and deep inner self-acceptance. A moon that will lead you into security and stability that comes from knowing, owning, loving and accepting who you are, even the shadows knowing that it’s from them that you are led to the light. It’s a moon to shine and lock your Taurus bullhorns into where you will go now that you are no longer afraid of your own shadows. It’s a full moon of heading into the light.