Scorpio New Moon

Posted on October 30th, 2016

And here it is…the magical, passionate, opportunity filled new moon in Scorpio.

I don’t know about you but this moon feels like a full deep breath after a period of holding it for so long.

This is a moon for the brave. For those who desire to know more, have more and aren’t afraid to do both the internal and external work it takes to get there. This is a moon for the patient. For those who don’t just want quick fixes but a lifetime of happiness and will keep working to get there, not accepting anything less. For those who have enough trust and self belief to know that all they desire is waiting for them to get there, but sometimes it requires patience and persistence as we’re not quite ready or the timing just isn’t right.

Whereas a full moon is bright and illuminating a new moon is dark. It’s a potential filled dark canvass for you to draw upon whatever you like – and this is the moon to begin drawing…

Scorpio is one of the most emotional signs and so brings with it a deep opportunity for transformation, healing and power. Use this ability to tap deeply into your emotions to get in touch with not only what you really, truly want but also what has been standing in your way – what are your self destruct patterns, how do you keep yourself small, in which ways do you self doubt and do you always play it safe?

This moon is about stepping into your power, placing the dark canvass in front of you and starting to create your life the way you want it to be. Taking control of your inner demons so they no longer scare you. Owing your own powers and strength so you are no longer manipulated by others and their opinions (or even worse your opinions of what their opinions may be!) To face and accept your shadows and from that step fully into your light.

Remember that this is not a moon for quick fixes but for long term growth, transformation and happiness. Just as nature is drawing inwards for hibernation and winter we too must take our canvass into winter and use these months to do all that we can to make our life picture come to life. Do both the inner and the outer work over winter, there couldn’t be a better time to withdraw, go inwards and really create change. Make your wishes, plant your seeds, do a soul vision board, get truly deeply (maybe painfully) honest with yourself, face your fears and then practice patience, trust and do both the inner and the outer work required.
This is a hugely powerful, potential filled, transformational, life changing new moon – but only for those brave enough to journey the road less travelled, to delve deep, to face the fears, to do the work, to hold up the mirror and most of all to embrace the dark to get to the light…