Scorpio New Moon – October 2019

Posted on November 2nd, 2019

‘Intense’ is one of the best ways to describe this new moon.
This watery new moon is asking you to dive deep, deep down into the depths of yourself and your emotions, into the shadows, the hidden and the unknown.

This new moon is bringing truth, especially the confronting ones that we don’t ever really want to face. Scorpio loves a mystery and won’t stop until it finds the truth. This moon will encourage you to keep asking the questions, to keep digging, to keep going, to keep growing. To dive deep down into the murky waters and the parts you hide from, the bits of yourself that you don’t want the world to see, the little shadow-selves and feelings of inadequacy which stay hiding just around the corner, waiting to jump out on you at any given moment – the secret hidden fears, the not enough, the imposter, the shame.

This moon will help you to see the truth behind your actions, take down barriers that you have built and access deep levels of healing. It’s a moon of deep vulnerability and intimacy, but if you can dive into this vulnerability, if you can share from your heart, face your fears, let go of the need to be strong or right or in control, this moon will take you to new levels of potential and real transformation.

Scorpio is one of the most emotional and intuitive signs and so brings with it a deep opportunity for transformation, healing and power. Use this moon to tap deeply into your emotions, to get in touch with not only what you really, truly want but also what has been standing in your way.

To deep dive us into the underworld even further, the 31st October brings Halloween and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio.

Far from being a time of dress up and parties Halloweens origins began as Samhain, celebrated as the final harvest of the year. It is the exact point between autumn equinox and winter solstice. Halloween marked the entrance into the winter months and represents the cycles of life, death and rebirth in nature.

The truth will be seen, secrets will surface...

This turning point of the year takes us deeper into the inwardly focussed period of rest and stillness, it signals the ‘death’ of summer and autumn and the beginning of winter. As the day when the veils between the words are said to be at their thinnest, it also helps us to move deeper into our intuition and the world of inner knowing – the things we can’t logically understand but we just ‘know’.   Use the inspiration of nature all around you to honour the cycles of ‘death’ and rebirth in your own life. Use the pulling in of your energy to see where you are still holding on and staying stuck in the past. Consciously make the effort to shed and release all that has ended and completed in your life, allow it to gently die and fall away. Allow the same cycles that happen in nature to be mirrored in your own life, releasing, shedding and ending so that you can create the space for new opportunities and possibilities to appear.   Mercury retrograde is often feared and although communication and technology can go into meltdown, and it’s not advisable to sign contracts or make any big life-altering decisions, Mercury is actually a wonderful opportunity to really move deeper into Scorpios mystical magical energies.   Retrogrades are a time for introspection, reflection and doing deep inner work, as they take you right into your subconscious, which is where Scorpio is trying to take you anyway! Mercury retrograde is going to take you deeper into your inner truth, subconscious, shadows and intuition. The truth will be seen, secrets will surface and you will be able to see not only yourself but also everyone around you very clearly.