Sagittarius Full Moon June 2020

Posted on June 2nd, 2020

Remember all that restless, anxious, trapped, emotional energy that came up with the last Gemini new moon? You may be feeling the same now all over again. No, seriously. If you did the work of making change over the last two weeks of the waxing moon this full moon will bring a sense of enthusiasm and optimism to really start to move forwards. If you didn’t (and that’s truly OK, sometimes these changes take time), you will likely feel a sense of being restless and trapped as this moon shines a big full moon light on what still keeps you stuck to help illuminate your way forwards.

This moon is all about freedom and so this moon will shine a big full moon light upon all that confines and binds you. Anywhere you feel controlled, whether that’s not being able to speak your truth in relationships, being in the wrong job or not doing what you really love will get highlighted; and you may feel literally claustrophobic or suffocated when it comes to these areas of your life.

Sagittarius doesn’t like the word can’t and under the bright light of this full moon wants to show you that anything you set your heart and mind to is possible, and that’s also key under this moon – following your heart.

This Sagittarius full moon will help you to feel your way forwards in your heart, in your soul, in your bones. 

Can you allow the Sagittarius full moon to illuminate all that’s possible for you - to help you to see the truth, even if that’s uncomfortable, to show you all that waits for you when you step onto the unknown path that others around you are afraid to go, or risk what you’ve got for something way better.   This is also the last full moon before we go into the second half of the year (with the summer solstice on the 20th June) so this is a huge completion point. This full moon will help you to wrap up the first half of the year and really decide who you want to be and what you want to create in this second half of 2020.   Recapture your sense of possibility and deep trust in yourself, push against boundaries that hold you back and expand your horizons into what is possible for you in this life – it’s all up to you…