Pisces New Moon February 2020

Posted on February 20th, 2020

The last Aquarius new moon helped you to get clear on your purpose and why the world needs you, and what stifles your freedom in being able to get there. Then along came the Leo full moon to encourage you to shine brightly and take centre stage in your life. Now here comes the final sign of the zodiac to bring endings to create new beginnings.

This is truly a shifting point, a time of transition, a moment of completion – and you may have been feeling a sense of the ground literally shifting beneath your feet in a watery spiral.

Watery, intuitive, wise, gentle Pisces is here to draw your awareness inwards for deep healing and so that you can wrap up the astrological year. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is here to help you to reflect on the astrological year gone by so that you can find closure, completion, peace and the direction of your life.

Pisces season ends with the spring equinox (Aries season on the 20th March signals the spring equinox) and so this is like the final deep dive into the depths so you can enter into spring cleansed, clear, whole, complete and truly ready for the new beginnings of spring.

This is the moon to take the deep dive into the watery depths of your inner being to come to terms with the past and all that has brought you to this present moment.

Pisces will bring the ability to be able to see the truth and with that understanding and an opportunity for forgiveness and acceptance so that you can free yourself and move on.

This may be the moon under which you finally cut those ties or stop allowing people to treat or speak to you in certain ways. It may be the moon under which you to release the binds to the past and stop allowing yourself to be pulled back in. It may be the moon you finally do close that door so that you can see what else is waiting out there for you. Or, that you finally stop believing and allowing yourself to be affected by the opinions, views and behaviours of others. This moon is about ending your self-sabotaging cycles. Ending your limiting relationship with your fears. Ending the amount of attention you give to the doubting voices in your mind that tell you that you ‘can’t’ and keep you stuck.   Mercury retrograde in Pisces will further help to bring back around anything that still needs healing or that you need to learn the lesson from. Expect anything you have been hiding from, avoiding, not dealing with or healing, any unfinished business or any ties that keep pulling you back into the past to return. This is not to cause you hurt and pain but instead to help you to find the clarity, healing, (self)forgiveness and closure that you need to be able to move forwards. This retrograde cycle finishes on the 10th March, just before the spring equinox, and so is a beautiful opportunity for a final deep dive beneath the surface before emerging more healed, whole and in alignment with your future, heart and soul so you can spring forwards into spring.   Although retrogrades can feel unsettling, confusing and confronting, Pisces and this retrograde cycle is asking you to trust. Trust in what you are being shown, trust in what is coming back around for healing, trust in what you need to let go of, trust in the flow of life, in the fact that everything is happening ‘for’ you to help you to grow and evolve and move in the direction you are meant to go, and most of all trust in you. You’ve got this.