Pisces Full Moon September 2020

Posted on August 27th, 2020

Wednesday 2nd September at 6.22am BST brings the Pisces full moon.

The last full moon in Aquarius was a personal revolution asking you to find the freedom to be truly, completely and authentically you with nothing left to hide or fear. Then along came the Leo new moon to connect you deeply to your heart, your truth, your passions and desires. Now this Pisces full moon is here to take you into a spiritual awakening and to show you a way forward.

The build-up to this moon can feel extremely emotional, with watery Pisces bringing tidal waves of raw, sensitive emotions. Be mindful of how vulnerable you may feel around this full moon as everything is illuminated and highlighted and remember to take time to be with your emotions rather than acting out from them – this moon may bring a need to hide away so honour that as you process all the magical awakening that this moon is bringing.

The last sign of the zodiac, and last full moon before we turn seasons and move into autumn, this full moon truly is a time of culmination, closure and completion. As the saying goes you can’t get to your future while your past is still present, and so this full moon is here to help you to close off a life chapter so that you can step into something new.

Under this moon you are called to surrender your human attachments and fears

This full moon will first take you into deep healing as the gentle waters of Pisces, combined with the healing earth energy of Virgo, help to soothe, cleanse and renew your emotions. From this deep cleansing and healing (that can admittedly feel a little more like a tidal force or tsunami) comes deep insights, awakenings, growth and answers.   From this place, Pisces will help you to see what needs to be released, forgiven, unravelled, completed and what you need to step away from once and for all. Pisces helps you to feel into the deep intuitive nudges that you have been getting from your soul. Under this moon you are called to surrender your human attachments and fears - and all that you have been carrying and gripping onto - over to something greater, over to spirit, to the universe, to your soul. This moon shows you that you don’t need to figure it all out on your own, you don’t need to grip so tightly, you don’t need to manage and control everything so much. Allow the human you to loosen its grip and turn it all over to your soul.   This full moon is here to help you to awaken your soul, surrender all that you no longer need, connect to your deep inner knowing and intuition, trust in the flow of life and bring your dreams into physical reality. It’s time for a spiritual awakening, are you ready?