Pisces Full Moon – September 2019

Posted on September 14th, 2019

The last Virgo new moon took you into the reality of your life as it is, and also perhaps stirred your inner critic and perfectionist! But Virgo also called you into getting crystal clear on what you want from your life, and making real plans for how you’ll get there.

And now… here comes Pisces!

You’ve probably been feeling it build for days with tidal waves of deep raw emotion.
This last sign of the zodiac will bring an ending to create a new beginning.

The Pisces full moon is also known as the harvest moon, the last full moon before the season turns and we move into autumn. So, this is the time to use the illumination of the full moon to look back over all that has happened since the summer solstice back in June. To look back over the journey you have been on, the lessons and learnings, what has challenged you and changed you.

The harvest moon is a huge turning point, an opportunity to close off a season and move into the next. This watery final sign of the zodiac will help you to shed the old, release anything that does not serve you and tie up loose ends.

This is a moon of true healing

In order to do this, this moon may, first of all, take you into the murky depths of your emotions, bringing everything you've been hiding and all of your old wounds to the surface - but only so that you can come out of the other side into autumn more healed and whole. While you keep suppressing or ignoring your emotions, hiding or staying in denial you can't heal. This moon is here to help you to do that.   This is a moon of true healing, if you can allow yourself to take a deep and thorough emotional cleanse, find forgiveness and look fear in the eye, this moon will be like a balm for your heart and soul.   Pisces calls you into trusting your inner niggles of what is/isn’t working in your life. Deep down you DO know what to do, you really do. And you do know what you need to let go of. Trust in that. Pisces also asks you to trust in the flow of life, in the fact that everything is happening ‘for’ you to help you to grow and evolve and move in the direction you are meant to go.   You are being called to close off this last season and shed all that you no longer want to take with you. You do know deep down what you need to let go of. You do know what holds you back and keeps you small. You do know what stands in your way. If you get still and quiet and tune into your deep intuition you do know. The light of this full moon is showing it all to you very clearly, Pisces is showing you the way. Now let go of all that stands in your way, under this moon, you will know, you will just know. Release to welcome in your new season…