New Moon Candle Magic

Posted on April 7th, 2016

A really beautiful way to work with your new moon wishes and intentions is with candle magic. At a time you will not be disturbed take a few moments to write down or visualise all that you would like to achieve or see happen in your life. Hold a new candle in your hands and infuse the candle with all of your hopes, dreams, wishes and intentions. Really feel as though you are pouring all of your heart and soul into the candle and at the same time visualise these dreams coming true. Then light the candle and sit gazing at the dancing light, feeling the energy of the burning flame. Sit in quiet meditation for a few moments (either with the eyes closed or with a soft unfocused gaze at the candle flame) and watch out for any insights, ideas or inspiration that comes to you. Give thanks as you blow out your candle. For the next two weeks up to the full moon (or for as long as your candle lasts) light your candle each day repeating your intention to yourself as you do and then once more sit for a few moments with your candle, allowing the flames of your wishes and intentions to light themselves up in your heart and out into the world.
You may like to use a different colour candle depending on your wishes:

White – for peace, truth, healing, cleansing, hope and spiritual growth.
Yellow – inspiration, creativity, clarity, confidence and personal power.
Orange – attraction, success, achieving goals, enthusiasm and attracting new friends.
Pink – love, romance, opening the heart, healing, forgiveness and self love.
Red – passion, courage, strength, protection, taking action and fertility.
Purple – ancient wisdom, spiritual growth, psychic ability and hearing your intuition.
Blue – soothing, inner peace and harmony, patience, focus and tranquility.
Green – financial success, abundance, renewal, luck and prosperity and generosity.
Brown – balance, grounding, concentration, stability, clear thinking and good decision making.
Happy new moon magic, I’d love to hear about your casting of spells!

Photograph by the amazing