Libra New Moon – September 2019

Posted on September 25th, 2019

The Pisces Full Moon took you into the watery depths of your emotions, your deep inner knowing and intuition and asked you to close off summer.

Now off the back of Mondays Autumn Equinox comes the Libra New Moon to begin a new season.  While every new moon brings the chance of a new beginning, change is definitely in the autumn air with this new moon. All around you Mother Nature is shedding and transforming and inspiring you to do the same.

This new moon is extra important too as (and I can’t actually believe I’m saying this!) we only have three months left to the end of this decade!!! Yes, that’s right!!! This autumn moon cycle opens with this moon and will wrap up with the Gemini Full Moon on the 12th December before the winter solstice on the 22nd December. Under this new moon, it’s time to set your intentions for the autumn season and to set in motion anything that you want to make true for you before the year and decade closes.

This moon can feel wobbly, indecisive and unbalanced

…is what this new moon is calling you to. Rather than balanced though this new moon can feel wobbly, indecisive and unbalanced as you see the scales of your life tipping. If you have been struggling to keep on top of things or commit to decisions in your life, procrastinating with moving forwards, doing too much and burning out, not setting or sticking to clear boundaries, allowing something or someone to take up too much of your time and energy or hiding from the truth this new moon is here to bring you back to balance. Autumn is the season of the soul; so listen to the whispers of the earth and dive into your soul this season. Just as nature and the nights are drawing in all around you this time of deep introspection is key to beginning this new season in a clear and focussed way. This drawing in is a beautiful opportunity to nurture the inner world of your hopes and dreams and get back on track with anything that got lost along the way in the height of summer.