Libra New Moon – October 2020

Posted on October 14th, 2020

Friday 16th October at 20.31 (BST) brings us the Libra new Moon

The last new moon in Virgo came to help you to move forwards not only into autumn, but also in your life. Then along came the Aries full moon to take you into inner healing so that you can find a sense of self in you and the world and from that a knowing of your worth, power and desires. Now here comes the Libra new moon to bring a peak point of truly coming back into balance with all parts of yourself.

Phew loves, who’s feeling it? This new moon comes right in the middle of these two big powerful full moons that October is bringing us and just days after Mercury retrograde to help us to see where our lives are out of balance – and let’s face it, just about everything in the world feels out of balance at the moment.

You may have been feeling a sense of rising anxiety the last few days and a feeling of exhaustion so deep that it’s as though your soul is tired. There is also likely to be a sense of utter confusion and a feeling of debilitating indecision about…well just about everything in your life, with no idea what you want from your life and how you’d even get there if you did know.

This new moon really is a moon of new beginnings, but a new beginning that comes from within. It’s an inner new beginning, an awakening that come from a deeper understanding of and owning of who you are and coming back into balance and alignment with yourself.

This isn’t a new moon for outer action, it’s a moon for pausing and leaning into these big transformative energies

Helping you with this is Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, which begins on the 14th October to 3rd November. This retrograde is going to take you deep within, with Scorpio asking you to take a look at the deeper parts of yourself and your shadows. Scorpio is the mystical sign of the zodiac that helps you to seek the truth. Not just the truth in a surface level kind of way, but the truth that lives in the shadows, in your bones, the truth you avoid and try to pretend is not there as facing it will mean confronting fears or shattering illusions or entering the unknown. This Mercury retrograde is going to ask you to really dig deep and get to the bottom of things that have been hidden for a long time and use these discoveries to bring you into an inner balance and harmony.   The Libra moon is all about relationships, but first and foremost and most important is the relationship you have with yourself – all relationships begin with you. You teach other people how to treat you by how you treat yourself. So under this moon ask yourself what is your relationship to yourself?   This isn’t a new moon for outer action, it’s a moon for pausing and leaning into these big transformative energies and listening in to what you really need to know to be able to move forwards in complete harmony and balance in you – so that no matter what happens on the outside you have a clear inner knowing on the inside. Give up trying to control anything on the outside or having to have all the answers right now and instead allow the mystery of it all to unfold as you do this deep inner work of coming back into balance with yourself. We can’t balance our lives from the outside in, we can’t expect anything outside of us to give us what we truly need as what happens if/when that external thing leaves. We have to balance our lives from inside out and that’s what this moon is calling you to do. I promise you that when you find this balance on the inside everything on the outside will balance itself out perfectly. For my in depth new and full moon musings, guided meditations, live 'moon circle', exclusive discounts on my yoga classes, online community and more join my Lunar Living sisterhood.