Libra Full Moon – April 2020

Posted on April 4th, 2020

So, so, SO much happening with this moon, and it’s especially going to shine a big full supermoon light on our current situation.

This is the first full moon after the spring equinox, a time where we would usually be celebrating all that is coming into bloom. Yet instead we are all on lockdown, in isolation, in the midst of a global pandemic – and this is where this moon may become intense, yet incredibly powerful and transformative.

Full moons can amplify emotions at the best of times, but you may find, especially given our current situation, that feelings of insecurity, comparison and indecision are high under this airy full moon. You may have had a run of sleepless nights as the moon tries to get your attention, or be finding it difficult to make sense of your emotions. Like the scales of Libra, you may even be tipping from one extreme to the other not able to find a place of balance in between.

This moon, at the best of times, can bring a frantic energy, a feeling like everyone around you seems to be blossoming and you are stuck in a bud with no idea how to get out. It’s under this moon that you may most feel like you are being left behind in life and want to do something – anything – and this sense of feeling ‘trapped’ could be exasperated by our current situation.

This time in our lives is a huge reset, and we now have this huge moonlit opportunity to make big change. All full moons are a time of completion, but this full moon really is a completion of your ‘old’ life. This moon is a real call to action, an illumination of where you are, where you have been, and more importantly, where you want to go and what you want to do with your one precious life. What has not been serving you that you need to allow to gently and lovingly fall away?

Relationships are huge under this moon. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, romance, balance and our ability to love and be loved.

All of your relationships will be under this full moon spotlight – which at this time can bring big challenges - but also an immense opportunity for healing.   First and foremost, right now, you are being asked to come back into the most important relationship you will ever have – the one with yourself. At a time where we are being constantly told what to think and believe and the majority of information out there is laced with fear and uncertainty and the unknown, this is the time to come back into alignment with your truth, your power, your deep inner knowing. You may also find under this moon unresolved, unhealed, unfinished, unspoken relationship issues coming back up so that you can process them (this may even apply to current relationships that you are in). Loneliness can be an issue under this moon, and so those of you alone during this isolation may feel this even more strongly. Use this time to nurture your relationship with yourself. Be very gentle with yourself, take good care of yourself and reach out to people if you need to, you are never alone and more than anything we are all in this together right now.   And that finally brings us onto relationships with others, which may already be feeling the strain due to so much close proximity, or even too much distance. If you have left things unsaid for too long or you are noticing things being triggered and highlighted during these times now may be the time to restore balance and say them. This is a time to set clear boundaries and have open, loving and honest communication in your relationships.