Write the story of your life…

Posted on August 2nd, 2016

A few years ago I was nearly but not quite living the life of my dreams. I had taken a few brave big steps but wasn’t quite where I wanted to be. I remember the day as clearly as anything. I was dog sitting for a family friend in a house in the country when I took up a pen and my journal and decided to write out exactly what I wanted my life to look like. If I could have the ideal life what would it look like, how would it feel, what would I be doing? I wrote and wrote like it was a great novel and the rest as they say is history. As I sit here writing this today my life is almost word for word what was written on that paper, in fact it is even better than I could have hoped. I’m not special, anyone can do this. I tell you this as I can speak from total experience, this worked for me so it can work for you too.
You see how can you possibly ever hope to go after the life of your dreams if you don’t know what that is? It’s like starting an epic journey without a map, you may get there in the end but it will be a lot harder and take a lot longer! Daring to dream and writing it all down gives you clear tangible goals and something to work towards, and most of all something to really feel, believe in and daydream about! There couldn’t be a better time that this powerful Leo new moon to make your dreams come true.

So it’s over to you. Are you just an actor in your own story following someone else’s script? Or is it time to write the story of your life…

Are you where you want to be in your life? If you woke up in your ‘ideal life’ tomorrow what would it look like? Where would you be? What would you be doing? Take some time to write the story of your life. Like the Leo who loves to be the centre of attention write out what your idea life would be like. Go into as much detail as you can, allow yourself to deeply feel how having all of these things in your life would make you feel – content, fulfilled, filled with happiness and purpose, whatever it is just FEEL it.

Decide on 1-3 steps that you can take over the next few months that will take you closer to the life of your dreams and create some clear intentions around these. Make some affirmations around these intentions, make them clear, simple and in the present tense and repeat them to yourself as often as you can. Make sure you are doing as much as you can as often as you can to move in the direction you want to go. Spend a few minutes each day really visualising your dream life – see the colours, feel the feelings, go into as much details as you can and for those few moments fully believe deep in your heart it’s already happened. On a daily basis act as though your dream life is already there. What would be different in your life if your dream was true? How would you act differently? As much as possible start to make these shifts in your life and behaviour now, act as though you fully believe your dream life to be true for you right now.

At the end of each day find three things that have happened that day that you are grateful for. The easiest way to get what you want is to be grateful for what you already have so begin to be grateful, for anything, for everything. Notice how your dreams are coming to life a little more each day and most of all be grateful for that.

There is an amazing saying that if you can perceive it and believe it you can achieve it – so if you can fully visualise the life of your dreams and see it in full colour with surround sound it is already real on some level! All you need to do is align with that vision and get it of your own way. Let go of the it’s, but’s, maybe’s, when and how’s and just believe, believe, believe.

Use the powerful, creative energy of this Leo new moon to help you to live the life you imagine. It’s time to shine…

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