Leo New Moon August 2020

Posted on August 14th, 2020

Leo New Moon – Wednesday 19th August

The last new moon in Cancer asked you to take responsibility for your life and create a safe home in you. Then along came the Aquarius full moon to bring a personal revolution and help you find the freedom to be truly, completely and authentically you with nothing left to hide or fear. Now here comes the Leo new moon to help you to fearlessly shine your one-off authentic self out into the world.

Ruled by the sun and ruler of the heart this Leo moon will bring an immense amount of power, light and healing – but just as the saying goes: ‘the darkest hour is just before the dawn’. In order for you to be able to embrace and shine the full light of your heart, Leo will first of all take you into all that remains unhealed, hidden and avoided. Leo wants you to be able to live from your heart, and the only way to be able to do this is to remove all that keeps it closed.

As you welcome yourself back to your heart, to yourself, you can begin to step fully and completely into you. You can come back into alignment with who you are, what you actually want in your life and who you are here to be. You can begin to live from your heart and live your life.

Leo also wants to remind you that life should be fun, Leo brings a childlike energy that’s inspired by just about anything and everything. Allow this Leo energy to remind you of what life was like before all the responsibilities and fears and opinions and ‘reality’ got in the way. What would life be like if there were literally no boundaries, restrictions or responsibilities and nothing to fear? What would you do right now if you knew without doubt that you would be supported? What are your heart and the authentic you calling you to do?

What would you do right now if you knew without doubt that you would be supported?

This new moon is a call to action, it will bring a passion to start anew. It will inspire you to really go after what you want and need, and to become the main character in your own life. Leo will bring a newfound confidence and help you to liberate yourself and break free of any internal struggles or beliefs that hold you back from following the path of your heart. Use this new moon in Leo to connect deeply to your heart, your truth, your passions and desires. Choose faith over fear and really go after what you desire and are passionate about. Use this new moon to start over, to reintroduce yourself and to step into the fire and desire to live your life once more.