Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (plus energy ball)

Posted on February 9th, 2017

This Saturday brings us a full moon lunar eclipse in fiery, passionate Leo.

This weekend will pack a powerhouse of energy as Leo comes roaring in bringing with it a lunar eclipse that will bring to an end all that we were dealing with at the last eclipse in September 2016.

Remember that endings are only ever new beginnings and although eclipses may bring sudden change and abrupt endings it’s only because this is exactly what you need. The incredibly exciting thing about eclipses are that they are like guiding, helping hands from the universe. An eclipse comes along to push you back onto your path, to help you to release so that you can receive, to give you direction, to reset your emotions and most of all to ensure that you are going in exactly the direction that you need to go.

One thing for sure is that you can trust the direction in which an eclipse guides you and if you can avoid clinging to the past, let go of fears and surrender to the flow of where the eclipse is taking you life will be so much more magical and beautiful on the other side.

Leo brings with it the fire. The fire to move things along, to burn through all that’s standing in the way and to awaken our passions and desires. As the king of the jungle proud leo helps us to stand up and be seen and heard, to take back the power and control of our own jungle (life) and to be in touch with our own needs and what makes us roar.

Leo is all about the heart centre and passion so this full moon may bring into focus all of our relationships, including the ones we have with ourselves. Do you look after and consider yourself as much as you do others? Are you happy? Are you living a passion filled purposeful life?
Leo the lion is known to be able to solve even the most difficult problems and achieve anything he wants so there is nothing you cannot achieve under this full moon, especially with the added magic of the eclipse. You’ve just got to go out there and roar…

Create an energy ball
All this passion and fire in the air makes it an ideal time to tune into our manicure chakra.The manaipura (or solar plexus) chakra is like our own personal inner sunshine. This is the centre of power, energy, will and achievement and is where all of our power to manifest comes from. Bring your palms together and rub them vigorously until you feel some heat. Then closing the eyes take the palms about shoulder distance apart with the palms facing each other. Begin to slowly bring the palms together and at some point you will begin to feel a little bit of resistance. Start to gently bounce the palms around this ball of energy feeling it take shape between your hands. You may wish to fill this energy ball with your intentions and desires. When you are ready place this glowing ball of energy into the Manipura chakra feeling this bright radiant sun at your centre being filled with even more light and energy and glowing even brighter. Feel as if you are now magnetic to all of your intentions, drawing them easily towards you. Feel this warm, bright light radiate through your whole body and out into the world.  As Leo is focussed on the heart you may want to visualise this powerful creative energy radiating into your heart and from your big, beautiful heart out there into the world.