Leo Full Moon – February 2020

Posted on February 5th, 2020

Phew, the energies are certainly ramping up as the skies seem to be taking us on a whirlwind journey into truly stepping into our power and purpose for 2020.

The last full moon in Cancer asked you to come fully and completely back home to your most authentic self. Then along came the Aquarius new moon to help you to get clear on your purpose, why the world needs you, and what stifles your freedom in being able to get there. Now this Leo full moon wants you to share your individual, unique, and most authentic self out into the world. Leo wants you to take centre stage in your life.

If January, or even just the last few days in the run up to this full moon has been unsettling, intense, confusing and messy, this is the universe, and most especially this super powerful full moon, highlighting for you (fiercely and intensely for some!) what is still standing in the way of your 2020 visions and dreams.

You may also find yourself ruminating over past hurts and exes and reliving hurtful situations and memories or feeling doubts and fears.

Leo is the ruler of the heart, and so this moon will take you straight into your heart for healing and it’s as though anything and everything that can and will pull you off track and leave you feeling a bit vulnerable, raw and doubting is all coming at once. This is to show you the healing that still needs to take place in your heart in order to open it fully, the fears that keep you from completely shining your light, the voice of doubt that prevents you from getting onto that centre stage of your life and sharing from your heart all that’s yearning to come out.   The sun is the ruler of Leo. The sun is the giver of life and represents your sense of purpose, your way of being in the world and your destiny. So this full moon in the sun's sign of Leo is asking you to claim your power and purpose, to follow what truly lights you up and allow yourself to take centre stage in your own life and truly shine.   A huge theme coming up for absolutely everyone I am speaking to and working with lately is trust. As Leo rules the heart, this moon asks you to trust in you like never before. As the sun is the giver of life and the ruler of Leo, this moon asks you to trust in life like never before.   It’s time to align with your true inner desires. It’s time to light up to who you are here to be. It’s time to live from your heart and follow your soul. It’s time to shine the moonlight on yourself and take centre stage in your life. It’s time.