Happy Guru Purnima

Posted on July 19th, 2016

Guru Purnima is a very special Full Moon. Gu means darkness and the suffix ru means light, so a Guru is one who leads us from the darkness into the light.
This day is celebrated on the July Full Moon every year and dates back to the time of a great sage, Veda Vyasa, who is said to have authored the four Vedas, the world’s oldest recorded texts. His disciples were so moved by the great contributions he made to their well being they asked how they could repay him. He said that they should choose one day of the year to honor the Guru, and his disciples chose the full moon in July.

So today is a time to honor and give thanks to all the gurus in your life. Everyone who has inspired you to live a better life and become the greatest version of yourself you can be. A time to remember all the people past and present who have lit the way for us in our practice and our lives. Do you remember the first ever yoga class you went to? Or your first yoga teacher? Who inspires you? Who have been your greatest teachers in life? What situations (good or seemingly “bad”) have changed your life and made you the person you are today? And don’t forget about your inner Guru, that all knowing part of you that always has the answers. Take a few silent moments today to sit in gratitude to all of your teachers and Gurus.

This is the perfect day to illuminate your life with knowledge, be inspired and recognise the abundance we are surrounded by – celebrate and give thanks to all of your teachers and Gurus today and let your heart and mind shine like the moon!

My special thanks
Guru Purnima is the day on which the Father of modern day Ashtanga Yoga Pattabhi Jois was born in 1915 so I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to this Guru as it was through Ashtanga that I first came to yoga. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful practice and my purpose in life – RIP Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Thank you to Bharath Shetty and Sri Sheshadri for their teachings and inspiration on the beginning of my journey. Thank you to Jason Crandell, Kathryn Budig, Tiffany Cruickshank and all the other trailblazers who I find such inspiration from.

To all of the beautiful yoga souls who have shared my journey with me. My Mum, sisters and brother for your support and encouragement, no matter how crazy my dreams may seem! To my Love Stephen Marks for your constant support, love and encouragement. To my best friend and Soul Sister Samantha Day for being an inspiration and the best friend a girl could ask for. To my Soul family, you know who you are. My friends, who I could not live without and last but certainly not least my students, my Gurus, who I learn from each and every time you give me the privilege of sharing yoga with you.
Happy Guru Purnima Xxx