Gemini New Moon – May 2020

Posted on May 19th, 2020

The last new moon in Taurus asked you to find a stability and security in life that came from deep within you. Then along came the Scorpio full moon to help you to discover the extraordinary power and depth of who you are and allow your shadows to come to the light. Now here comes the change-maker moon to help you to move forwards…

The dark moon in the run up to this moon will always feel ‘dark’. There will likely be feelings of anxiety, being unsettled and restless, trapped, exhausted, like you want to hide. My love, if you’re feeling the emotion or exhaustion or intensity of this moon be sure of this – that you are just being called into all that you are capable of, and you need to make room for it.

Remember that one of the purposes of the dark moon phase is to show you what you don’t want, so that from that you can get clear on what it is that you do want. The moon pulls you into the darkness so that you can see where you currently are in your life – like your own internal compass, showing you where you are stuck, travelling in the wrong direction or the dead end that you keep encountering. It shows you where you are out of alignment, and what areas of your life need work, release or new ways of approaching them.

Watch out for the signs and little nudges, follow your instincts and listen to your intuition - they will all be high under this new moon.

If you are feeling heightened emotions, notice what areas of your life are causing you to feel this way and why. If you are feeling exhaustion you may be being called into stepping into your power and worth and creating boundaries. If you are feeling doubt or the same old stories and fears resurfacing, take note of what they are about. If you are feeling anxious, sit with the anxiety, invite it in and listen to what it is trying to show you. What are you feeling anxious about? If you are feeling sad, allow that, be with the sad. What are you feeling sad about? Feeling unsettled or trapped? Allow that in, dig a little deeper into what in your life is making you feel trapped or like you can’t settle. If you are feeling excited and like something huge is about to happen, what are the possibilities that are being shown to you?   If you look back over the (how ever many!) weeks we have been in this current situation, what have you learned from it? What have the last few moons, and particularly this dark moon time show you about what you do/don’t want from your life anymore? This is what change-loving Gemini wants to help you with – making change and moving forwards into new beginnings.   To help with this, Gemini will bring an influx of ideas and inspiration and enthusiasm and a desire for knowledge and information and connections and you many find yourself intoxicated by the sheer abundance of inspired insights that come to you one after another. What you want to change and how will become suddenly so obvious to you. This moon will give you the courage to finally see the truth and all the tools you need to be able to move forwards.   Watch out for the signs and little nudges, follow your instincts and listen to your intuition - they will all be high under this new moon. This is ancient lunar wisdom at its best. It’s the call of your soul. It’s all guiding the way...