Gemini Full Moon – December 2019

Posted on December 10th, 2019

The Sagittarius new moon asked you to begin to claim your personal freedom, to start a new chapter and to plant the new seeds for all you want to grow and take life in 2020. Now along comes the Gemini full moon to help you to finally let go of anything standing in the way of your dreams and desires.

Sooooo many of us have felt this final full moon of 2019 and the decade building for days. Feelings of anxiety, heightened emotions and having so much to do but you’re not sure what or how. Unsettling, confusing, restless yet strangely comforting are just a few words to describe the strong energy of this full moon.

The confusion under this moon is real. You will flit from one thought and emotion to another almost instantly and each one will feel so real. You’re staying, you’re going, it’s right, it’s wrong, you want this, you want that. The symbol of the twins represents two different personalities in one and this is never truer than under this moon. You’ll feel like you have two (or more!) people living within you.

It’s time to let go and tie up loose ends

As much as this can feel…well, confusing, the element of confusion under this moon has a real purpose. It is asking you to find the real truth. Your truth. To let go of what you ‘think’ to be true for you and instead to feel into that deep, deep truth that resides within the part of you that knows it all. To let go of doubts and fears and all that has ever held you back in the last decade so that you can truly start over. This moon is like wiping the decade slate clean. It’s time to let go, tie up loose ends, look deep within and release all that’s painful, stagnant and not making you happy. Anything you don’t process and release under this full moon will follow you into 2020 so it’s important that you make a conscious effort under this moon to get really honest with yourself. Delve deep beneath the surface right into your deepest truth and innermost feelings. Take some time, introspect, and listen to the inner whisperings of your heart and soul. Sit with your thoughts and emotions and allow them to reveal to you all that needs to be revealed. Hold the Gemini mirror up to yourself and see what comes to the surface. This moon will bring clarity and help you to see the areas of your life that need work, need release or need new ways of approaching them in the new decade. Under this final full moon of the decade, what do you no longer want to take into a new decade with you? What needs to be lovingly and gently left behind? What are you being shown that needs to change? Ask the powerful, magical presence of this moon to help you to softly release all that you no longer need so that 2020 and a new decade can truly be all about new beginnings.