Full Moon in Cancer Jan 2017 (plus forgiveness ritual)

Posted on January 12th, 2017

So here it is…the first Full MOON of 2017!
Todays full moon is in the feminine, watery sign of cancer, the ruler of our emotions.
Cancer is ruled by the moon so this moons influence can often be deep and intense, you cannot hide from a cancer full moon. Take heart though that this full moon is here to jumpstart our year and kickstart the creation process – this can be the most rewarding moon if we allow it to be.

The only way through this moon is to open yourself to it, even the emotion. Sit with it, listen to it, feel your way into it. The trick though is not to become completely immersed in and involved with any emotion but to watch it. To allow it to guide and teach you. Watch, listen, feel and learn.

This full moon is the key to beginning our year in the right way by allowing us to go deeply into our emotions and our truth. Do not suppress anything over this full moon. That’s what got us in such a mess last year – suppressing emotions and trying to carry on like everything was ok and we could face it all alone.
Sometimes its ok not to be ok and this is where we delve into two of the most important themes for this year (which I have heard echoed from so, so many people already this year) support and nourishment. Support from a community and a tribe and self nourishment and nurturing so that you can be the very best you possible. I also want to add honestly to this – this year we have to show the world our true selves.

So use the deep intensity and emotion of this full moon to fully let go of anything standing in the way of what you want to create and achieve this year. Anything stopping you from being who your truly want to be. Gather your tribe and allow yourself to be held and supported. Nourish and deeply nurture yourself when you need it.

This full moon is also an amazing opportunity to practice a forgiveness ceremony – details are here…

Forgiveness ceremony
There could not be a better time of year or a better moon under which to perform this forgiveness ceremony. A full moon is a time of culmination, peaking and letting go in order for completion. The cancer full moon takes us deeply into our emotions and old wounds and with this being the first full moon of the year it is a wonderful cleansing process so that we no longer need to take old, stuck energy into this year with us.

Remember that forgiveness is not about saying that what someone ‘did’ to you is ok. It’s about saying that you are no longer willing to carry the hurt, anger, upset and drama around with you anymore. You forgive for yourself and it is one of the most powerful practices that you can ever do.
Begin by making a list of anyone that you feel that you need to forgive or anyone you hold grudges or resentment against. You can even go as far as to write down what they did to you if that helps and you need to purge more deeply.

Remember that you can also include self forgiveness in this list so if needs be write down any actions, thoughts or patterns that you feel you need to forgive yourself for.

Get comfortable, quiet and grounded. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and call upon the power of the full moon to assist you in releasing, letting go and releasing yourself and others.

One by one call into your mind the person that you want to forgive. Say either out loud or silently “I forgive you”. Feel a sense of peace and if possible open your heart and allow love to flow to this person.

You could even use the powerful Hawaiian Ho’oponopono mantra “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”

Once you have gone through your list offer thanks to everyone for the lessons they have taught you and how they have helped make you the person that you are today.
Take the paper and burn it, and with the burning feel the completion and release.

I’d love to hear your experiences, get in touch with any questions or to let me know how you found the ceremony…