London Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is an active flowing form of yoga, which helps to build strength, flexibility and balance in both body and mind. Linking postures together we create fluid, playful and flowing sequences to open the body, enliven the soul and free the mind. Come and find freedom in the flow…

Delicious Yin yoga is ideal for when you need to completely relax and draw inwards, for the very stiff and inflexible or sports people to even out strong forms of other training. It is also the perfect complement to a Vinyasa Flow practice as through longer holds this quiet deeply relaxing practice targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones and even the joints, stimulating the flow of energy through the body and resulting in increased flexibility. Join me for a bendy and blissful yin class that will leave you floating on air…

Here are my weekly yoga classes…

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Vinyasa Flow Good Vibes 12.45-1.30pm

Warm Vinyasa Flow Total Chi 6.30-7.30pm

Yin Yoga Total Chi 7.35-8.50pm


Dynamic Vinyasa Total Chi 10.05- 11.20am

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