Create, Celebrate and Captivate with the New Moon – Friday 15th June 2018 (6.00-8.00pm)

June 15, 2018

18:00 - 20:00

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Friday 15th June 2018

Create, Celebrate and Captivate with the New Moon

The New Moon brings with it growing energy, new beginnings and is the ideal time to set intentions, welcome new opportunities and delve into our deepest dreams and desires, which will be the main focus of this workshop.

Our workshop will begin with more information on how to work with the wisdom and energies of the new moon and an energising meditation to help us to open up to receive. We’ll take a little time to explore all of the things we would like to see happen in our lives and set some intentions. Our intentions are like the seeds we plant, and then we need to add our creative energy to help them to grow, which is what we will do in our yoga practice.

We’ll explore a flowing practice to help us to shine, to allow our inner creativity to expand, to delve into our inner strength and wisdom, to find the greatness and courage of our hearts and minds and to create the power, focus and self belief that we need to manifest our dreams and intentions.
The workshop will close with re-energising our chakras, setting silent intentions for both your practice and personal life and a relaxing manifesting meditation.

Time: – 6.00-8.00pm

Pricing: – £30.00

Location: – Studio One Yoga, Wigan Lancashire

Further moon workshops dates: Friday 9th February – new moon, Friday 27th April – full moon, Friday 15th June – new moon, Friday 21st September – full moon, Friday 9th November – new moon

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