Release, Restore and Renew with the Full Moon – Friday 27th April 2018 (6.00-8.00pm)

April 27, 2018

18:00 - 20:00

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Friday 27th April 2018

Release, Restore and Renew with the Full Moon

Using the energies of the Full Moon our aim with this workshop will be to cleanse, release and let go. The full moon is a time of culmination and completion. It is where prana is at its peak and why we often feel so frazzled, emotional or high on energy at a full moon. It is a time of celebration and also of releasing – the fullness of the moon brings a peak but also shines a light on all that is standing in our way.

Our workshop will begin with a little bit more information on how to work with the wisdom and energies of the full moon and a grounding meditation to centre and bring us into the moment. We’ll take a little time to look at what may be standing in our way and set some intentions to release. Following this we’ll move into a deeply releasing restorative yoga practice focusing on letting go in body, mind, heart and soul. We’ll move into quiet and stillness, looking inwards to identify any issues which may be holding you back in both your practice and daily life, working with the practice and full moon energies to release in order to move forwards. Weaving mudra, mantra, pranayama and most of all some full moon magic this workshop will leave you feeling restored, released and renewed ready to move forwards in your life. We will finish the workshop with a chakra clearing and releasing meditation.

Time: – 4.30-5.45pm

Pricing: – £30.00

Location: – Studio One Yoga, Wigan Lancashire

Further moon workshops dates: Friday 9th February – new moon, Friday 27th April – full moon, Friday 15th June – new moon, Friday 21st September – full moon, Friday 9th November – new moon

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