Soul Guidance Coaching and Readings

Soul Alignment Coaching (online)

I truly believe that all the answers, courage, love, empowerment and truth you need already lies within you, but sometimes we all need a little help bringing it to the surface. As a deeply intuitive teacher and healer I am here to fully support you in bringing your greatest visions and your greatest self to life. We’ll work together to discover your deep inner callings, remove blocks and out-dated beliefs that hold you back and keep you small and stuck, hear your truth, find your self worth and inner power and live a life of true authenticity from your heart and soul.

My coaching is a unique method blending many different techniques to bring you back into alignment with your heart, soul and intuition, help you to step into your power, purpose and alignment with who you are here to be. During this transformation programme I become your biggest cheerleader and offer you on-going support, personal practices, guided meditations and rituals, soul enquiries and most of all accountability for following your purpose and stepping into the greatest version of you.

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Soul Guidance Readings (in person or online)

My Soul Guidance readings help bring clarity, direction, focus and answers. During these readings (using only angel and wisdom cards) I work to channel the voice of your heart and soul, bringing forwards deep inner wisdom and truths. We will get clear on what is keeping you stuck and small and holding you back. We look towards your greatest potential and purpose, and how to get there. This is like time with your soul, as we bring forward your own inner voice and guidance, that ‘knowing’ that comes from somewhere deep within, to bring you the answers you have been looking for, clarity and a clear way forwards.

Soul Guidance readings can be done as a one off or as part of a transformation package with Soul Alignment Coaching. We would use the reading as part of our first session to give us the direction we will go in with the coaching. The coaching will help to give you the support and guidance you need to out into place all that shows up in the reading.

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Yoga Teacher Mentoring (online)

Whether you are a new teacher looking to begin to navigate the world of yoga, you’ve found yourself losing the yoga love, burnt out or exhausted or you’d like to delve into the beautiful world of retreats I’d love to offer you my help and support. I’ve been teaching for 10 years now going from teaching in freezing cold village halls where 1/2 people showed up to teaching international workshops, 82 worldwide retreats and having a waitlist for corporate and private clients. Whatever you have been through I have also been there and I know how impossible (and even competitive!) it all sometime seems.

I can offer you support on how to find your unique teaching voice, guidance on class planning and theming, various class scenarios and effective teaching techniques, advice on mindful marketing including website, social media and promoting yourself, how to price yourself and if/when to teach for free, how to find and run retreats and any other support that you need to become the very greatest teacher that you can be.

I will offer you support and advice, direction and honest feedback plus accountable steps to take to work towards your teaching dreams plus email support as and when it’s needed.

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