Capricorn New Moon – December 2019

Posted on December 23rd, 2019

The last new moon in Sagittarius had you taking aim toward the light. Then, along came the Gemini full moon to help you to release all that you don’t want to take into 2020 and a new decade with you. Now, this Capricorn new moon solar eclipse helps take you into new beginnings for a new decade.

This grounded and earthy new moon brings with it huge opportunities for new beginnings, it’s like fertile soil in which to plant the seeds and clearly set out your intentions for the new year ahead.

Capricorn is an earth sign so it’s strongly calling for you to draw your dreams down into reality and make them happen. This moon is a true call to action to align your life with your heart’s desire and what you want from the next decade. This moon is where you literally lay the foundations that you will build the next decade upon. And, if you don’t create the right foundations, set the right boundaries and step into your worth, power and purpose, you may find yourself repeating similar stories, patterns and situations into 2020.

This moon is about creating lasting change though consistency, commitment and planning. This moon asks you to get clear on your next year and decade dreams, lay the foundations, set the boundaries and do the inner work that is needed to take you towards where you want to go. It is also the sign associated with searching for dharma (your life purpose) so it could not be a better time to ask yourself the burning questions about why you are here and whether you are living your purpose and passion

Make a plan, for now and also for the year ahead. What do you need to achieve your dreams and align your life with your deepest dreams and desires? Break it down into small manageable steps. Take action each day, week, month towards your goals.

Any intentions you set on an eclipse carry extra power

Solar Eclipse Coinciding with this moon is a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse happens on a new moon when the moon aligns exactly between the earth and the sun, blocking out the suns light. As this would suggest, an eclipse can bring with it a sense of darkness and coming face-to-face with your shadows. It will bring to the surface the parts of yourself that you try to hide or run from. The emotions you prefer not to face or deal with, the secret yearnings you carry, the hurts, wounds, fears and rejection that you haven’t yet processed and healed. This can feel quite a challenge and as we build to the eclipse you may find your emotions eclipsing along with it. If you’ve been feeling super emotional, irrational, sad, fearful or ruminating over the past, these are all the effects of the eclipse. The trick here is to try not to run and hide and instead to face the momentary darkness, as it can give you a beautiful glimpse into what remains unhealed and unresolved. This eclipse in particular will help you to review anything you are about to carry over from 2019 (and maybe even years before), so take note of the stories in your head, your almost obsessive thoughts and most of all your feelings, as these are indicators of what you need to work on. This eclipse will help you to clear out any remaining shadows, especially those from childhood, which may become more apparent as you spend time with your family over the Christmas period, so watch out for those triggers that spending time around your family brings. This eclipse is going to show you a new way forward for a new decade, a new path ahead and a new way of doing things. Any intentions you set on an eclipse carry extra power, and the time between this eclipse and New Year's Eve is a potent time to lay the foundations and set your intentions for the new year and decade ahead. Use this powerful eclipse with the earthy, ambitious, motivating Capricorn new moon to make some real change and powerful new beginnings.