Capricorn Full Moon July 2020

Posted on July 1st, 2020

The last full moon in Sagittarius asked you to step fully into your power and find the freedom to follow where your heart wants to lead. Then along came the Cancer new moon and the summer solstice taking you through into the second half of the year, and asking you to come back home to yourself, to put your own self-care and hopes and dreams first. Now here comes the Capricorn full moon to wrap up and clear out the old and make way for long-term visions and goals.

There is going to be a lot going on around this full moon, heightened emotions, a sense of the ground shifting beneath your feet and not being able to get firm footing, things falling away or falling apart and a sense that your dreams feel so, so far away and almost impossible.

Stay with me, there is real magic in this moon…

This is the first full moon since the summer solstice and the Cancer new moon. Since the moment you declared change and new beginnings…and then possibly scuttled back into your shell for fear of failure, or found that after the initial high came the voice of doubt and doom and you ended up shrinking back in and not giving these desired changed any effort or attention.

If you have been giving your dreams the desires attention, this moon will feel inspiring and bring an ambitious drive like never before.

This Capricorn moon is here to first of all highlight all of that. If you have been giving your dreams the desires attention, this moon will feel inspiring and bring an ambitious drive like never before. If you’ve been avoiding, you’ll feel the intensity of this full moon as it shakes the very foundations of your life, from your beliefs to your relationships, career, home, goals and dreams. This full moon lunar eclipse is a turning point in your life. A closing, an ending, a completion. It’s asking you to shift and change what isn’t working, to break things down and break things up so that they can be rebuilt on firm foundations. Remember that I told you that the next new moon we get on the 20th July is also in Cancer? It is rare to have two new moons in the same sign and gives you a powerful opportunity for a significant new phase in your life. This full moon lunar eclipse comes along midway between the two to show you clearly what is in the way and not meant for you so that you can do a final clear out to be truly ready for the whole new life phase that the second new moon brings. And this is where this moon will bring some emotional intensity as you are forced to face what you have been struggling with, learning from, holding on to, hiding behind or from, avoiding or not dealing with. Anything not meant for you, anything not true and lasting and long term will fall away under this moon. There may be a sense around this moon of a frantic energy of wanting to get things started combined with an exhaustion that you feel in your bones. Capricorn is trying to pull you out to conquer the world, Cancer calling you back home to your heart. Remember that this moon is about long-term goals and dreams and not quick fixes so don’t get caught up in those.