Cancer New Moon July 2020

Posted on July 14th, 2020

The last Cancer new moon was a solar eclipse and took you through the doorway into the second half of the year, coming right after the summer solstice. Then came the Capricorn full moon lunar eclipse to help you to wrap up and clear out the old and make way for long-term visions and goals. Now here is the second Cancer new moon, which will bring you the chance for a whole new cycle.

This magical new moon, in the moon’s own sign of Cancer once again, is a black moon, which is when a second new moon happens within the same calendar month. The sun and moon both in watery Cancer will stir up emotion and a tight opposition to Saturn will bring tension and a huge opportunity for self-awareness and deep inner work. This means the dark moon phase (the days running up to the new moon) may actually feel quite ‘dark’, but delved into with awareness and vulnerability this is going to open up the way for a whole new life phase.

One thing you may feel strongly around this moon is a sense of being stuck, restricted, held back or like you just can’t quite seem to get to where you want to go. This is thanks to Saturn’s influence as Saturn is in a tight opposition (almost directly opposite) the moon. This angle could have you feeling like all you wanted from the first Cancer new moon hasn’t turned out like you wanted it to, or didn’t quite meet expectations and make you doubt that you want it after all.

This moon wants you to see how you restrict, bind and limit yourself

This moon wants you to see how you restrict, bind and limit yourself and often allow the voice of your fears to become louder than the call of your soul. Saturn is asking you to take responsibility for your own life, for all the dreams not followed or opportunities missed or the way you have ignored your own inner longings and deep personal needs. Saturn’s lessons help us to grow, so use this new moon in Cancer and Saturn energy to shine a light on where you have built up a shell of protection around you, imposed limitations and boundaries on what is possible for you and allowed doubt and fear or blame to hold you back. This moon is all about coming home to and creating a home in you. Feeling safe, nourished, protected, cared for and loved by you. And most of all believed in by you. Review your first Cancer new moon goal, visions and dreams and what you intended for yourself in the second half of the year, but now look back over them with this new knowledge and self-awareness. This moon is about creating the life you want for your future but doing this by simply aligning with YOU.