Cancer Full Moon – January 2020

Posted on January 8th, 2020

Here we go, the first full moon of the decade and I know many of you have been feeling this one!

Following on from the Capricorn new moon solar eclipse, which asked you to lay stable and strong foundations for your dreams and create a plan of action to get you there, comes this full moon lunar eclipse to show you what is standing in the way of this, and you becoming completely and utterly at home in yourself, your power, purpose and direction.

The moon is fully at home in her sign of cancer, and is calling for you to do the same, to come home fully and completely to yourself. Your way forwards into this New Year is being lit up by the heartfelt guidance of this nurturing, intuitive, loyal and supportive sign.

This is a full moon that will bring you home for 2020 and a new decade. Home to you; to your dreams, visions, purpose, power and all that you are capable of. To get into that purpose and power though you first have to move past the gatekeepers aka your emotions, doubts and fears that have you hiding in your cancer crab like shell avoiding stepping into your true power, and this full moon is here to help you to do just that.

Cancer is the watery sign of emotions so don’t be surprised if you’ve been feeling overly emotional or sensitive these last few days.

The moon rules cancer and so just as the moon affects the tides this same ebb and flow may also be felt in your thoughts and emotions right now - from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows. This moon is the key to beginning 2020 in the right way. So use the deep intensity and emotion of this full moon to realise and fully let go of anything standing in the way of what you want to create and achieve this year. Anything stopping you from being who you truly want to be. The lunar eclipse will further amplify all of this, as lunar eclipses are powerful release points and tend to bring endings, especially to anything that is no longer serving you but you have been afraid to let go of. Remember that endings are only ever new beginnings and although eclipses may bring sudden change and abrupt endings it’s only because this is exactly what you need. The incredibly exciting thing about eclipses is that they are like guiding, helping hands from the universe. This eclipse will also wrap up anything that started on the 26th December solar eclipse that came with the Capricorn new moon, so if you noticed any family or relationship issues that need healing now is the time so that they don’t follow you into 2020. Your intuition, insight and inner guidance will be at its absolute peak under this moon so listen to it, trust it, believe it - it will never be wrong. Come back home to you, to your heart and soul.