Aries New Moon – March 2020

Posted on March 21st, 2020

Coming just days after the Spring Equinox and the start of Aries season is the Aries new moon, bringing a fresh new perspective and a chance for real new beginnings.

We are in unprecedented, unknown and challenging times right now, but this Aries new moon is here to help you to face this. As the first sign of the zodiac and a cardinal sign Aries deals with primal new beginnings and needs, which is what we need to be focusing on right now. We are being shown now more than ever what really truly matters in our lives.

Aries brings a fire and a drive and an impulsive energy that will help you to begin to see a way forwards and to take charge of your life. A way to adapt to these ever-changing times and an ability to move through what seems to be impossible and in the way. Aries is about survival, inner strength and resolve and the Aries moon brings an immense energy boost to get things moving.

The Aries moon restarts the year and asks us to wake up, and these times that we are in are asking the same of us in so many ways. Wake up to what is important, to the dreams you have put on hold, to the life you have always wanted to live and to everything that you have said you’ll do tomorrow, next week, next month, if, when. Wake up to what is important to you and to what you want to do with your one precious life.

This is our wake up call

We have known for such a long time that the way we have been living and consuming and doing business and treating each other and our planet isn’t working. Just as our planet is calling a momentary time out and giving herself a moment to breathe and heal we need to do the same. Aries brings bravery and so if for a moment you were to take all the fear out of the current situation and allow yourself to trust that you were being perfectly taken care of, what would you spend this next few weeks doing? What seeds would you wish to plant? What would you want to allow to grow in this new season and year? One thing that’s for sure is that we will all be a bit braver after all this experience that we are going through. We will all be filled with a desire to get back out into the world.  And when we do it is going to be into a whole new world.  A world where our priorities and values and beliefs and the way we do business and treat each other and our earth will be so different. New beginnings are coming.  How are you being called to start again?