Aries Full Moon – October 2019

Posted on October 13th, 2019

The Libra new moon asked you to find balance, tune into the intelligence and wisdom of your heart and take a good look at the relationships in your life. Now comes Aries…

Big, bold, fiery and full power – I could just leave it there! The Aries full moon has certainly arrived bringing with it huge energy, which will either feel incredibly positive or hugely emotional depending on what is happening in your life. “Adding fuel to the fire” is a good way to describe this full moon and so whatever you are currently going through will be intensified.

A moon of deep inner healing

Under this full moon, you can gain huge clarity on emotions, beliefs, relationships, identities and everything else that you need to let go of. It's a moon of deep inner healing and allowing old wounds to surface, stuck stagnant energy to start to shift and anything holding you back to be released. Aries will help you to be assertive, put yourself first, shamelessly self-promote and to shine as brightly as the moon in the sky. As the first sign of the zodiac, and being a cardinal sign, Aries is a beginner, a leader, and will help you to become the leading role in your own life and create the beginnings of living the life you want. It’s a full moon for starting over and finally releasing all that’s in the way. I've heard so many people saying they have been unable to sleep for the past few nights, me included! If you've found yourself restless and wide awake under this full moon you are truly being called to action. What is it that you are not fulfilling? What inner calls are you ignoring for fear or doubt? How are you not following your passions and purpose? YOU KNOW deep down what it is that you should be doing and if you get really honest with yourself, why you aren't. This fiery sign of the zodiac is here to light up your inner fire. Whispering to you that there is work to be done. Aries motto is "I AM" and the symbol is the ram. Aries fiery, dynamic, courageous energy is here to burn through all that keeps you stuck, ram through your constraints and all that binds you and, most of all, push you into your individual greatness and real purpose on this earth, no one can ever do you like you. Aries will help you to own and believe this and tell the world all about it like never before.