Aries Full Moon October 2020

Posted on September 28th, 2020

Thursday 1st October at 22.05 BST brings the Aries full moon. 

The last full moon in Pisces came to awaken your soul, help you to surrender all that you no longer need, connect you to your deep inner knowing and intuition and help you to trust in the flow of life. Then along came the Virgo new moon to help you get very clear and focussed on what you want from the remainder of this year, making your intentions clear and allowing the way forwards to be shown to you. Now this Aries full moon is bringing a powerhouse of dynamic energy calling you into your own needs, power and sense of self – it’s time to shine.

October is set to be a big month energetically, opening with the Aries full moon on the 1st and closing with a blue moon in Taurus on Halloween, the 31st. When a month begins and ends with a full moon, we know it’s going to be emotional, illuminating and bring about a lot of much needed change. Snuggled in the middle of the month is mercury retrograde on the 13th and the Libra new moon on the 16th.

October is bringing such an energy of change with it. Not only are we really feeling the shift into autumn now but the planetary activity we have going on is also urging us into some deep healing, shifts and changes. Having the month begin and end with a full moon shows a need for real illumination in your life, an honest check-in of where you are.

Aries doesn’t wait for permission or validation or approval before going after what he wants.

This will start with the Aries full moon on the 1st October. This fiery first sign of the zodiac is coming in strong to help you to take back complete control of your life and kick start much needed change, especially when it comes to places in your life you have given away your power or lost yourself.   This moon will clearly highlight for you where you have gotten into unhealthy relationship dynamics and/or have been trying to please others or not speak your truth just to avoid conflict. This full moon is urging you to begin to focus on what you need for yourself, to see where you have been giving away too much to others and giving away your power. This could apply to the actual relationships in your life or even the current situation we all find ourselves in where many people are giving away so much of their power to fear and control.   Aries has often been called the 'sign of the self', which is not completely fair but gives us all a valuable lesson – Aries doesn’t wait for permission or validation or approval before going after what he wants. And that’s what this full moon is asking of you – to look once again to your own needs, your own truth and your own healing. Aries keywords are 'I Am' and this full moon is asking you to check in with who you are right now. And more to the point, do you even know? Or have you allowed yourself to get lost along the way, pulled off track by others or the events of 2020 or just not tending to yourself enough?   This is a time to tune deeply into your inner world now and use that ‘sign-of-the-self Aries energy’ to seek your inner truth and what is right for you and only you right now. What do you want, what do you need and how can you get it? This moon is telling you it’s time to step into your higher power, it’s your time to shine.