Aquarius Full Moon Ritual

Posted on August 17th, 2016

Aquarius Full Moon Ritual (see details of the moon at the bottom of this page)

If you didn’t get the chance to write the story of your life on the Leo new moon you may want to do that first here.

Then use this exercise to go deep within to help you to see where and why you are ‘nearly but not quite’. Try as much as possible to tune into your intuition and deep inner knowing. It is so much stronger and more easily heard at the time of a full moon.  Don’t judge or “think” about the answers, just let them flow (and you may be surprised at what comes up!) Maybe asking the light of the full moon to illuminate your deepest shadows and fears and help them come to the light and to support and guide you through the process.

Take some time when you can be quiet, alone and undisturbed. You’ll need a notebook and pen. Sit for a few minutes and simply watch your breath, allowing your breath to become calm and deep. With each breath focus your awareness inwards, to your true inner essence.

When you feel fully calm, aware and present ask yourself how you hold yourself back. Try not to judge the answers too much but just feel them forming. Do you not trust in yourself enough? Do you fear change? Do you not feel deserving of getting what you really want? Allow the answers to come to you. Make note of these things and see if you can find a recurring theme through your life of how this same issue has presented itself over and over. Sometime just becoming aware of something like this is enough, otherwise you may choose to do some conscious work with affirmations, mirrors or journalling over the next month.

Recenter yourself if you need to then ask what it is that you need to let go of at the time of this full moon to help you to move forwards. It could be an old habit, negative self belief, job, relationship. Again just let the answers form and don’t judge them. Ask for clarification if you need it. Ask the power of the full moon for the strength and trust to allow you to let go of what no longer serves you with grace and ease.

When you have finished give thanks. Take a moment to appreciate how far you have come and that you are doing the best you can. Promise yourself that you will take this new found knowledge forwards to help you to make conscious change.

If all of this seems too much start small and maybe decide on just one habit or fear that holds you back that you are aware of that you could work on over the next month – do you really listen when people speak? Could you choose to be kind rather than right with the colleague that really pushes your buttons? Could you face the fear and go sing at that open mic night? Ask out that person who you walk past and make eye contact with every single day? Try to work on not being so stubborn or short tempered? Say no when you mean no? Pick just one thing and work on that – even that will be enough to make a big shift in your daily life…

Tomorrows AQUARIUS FULL MOON comes on a ‘nearly but not quite’ lunar eclipse making it perfect for where many of us seem to be at the moment – things are nearly but not quite working. You’re nearly but not quite there.

After the Leo new moon came along to shake us up, lift us up and help us roar many of us may have been left with that nearly but not quite feeling, making this the perfect follow on full moon.

This full moon has come along to shine a big, bright light on your life so you can clearly see where and how you are keeping yourself stuck in the nearly but not quite – so be prepared for a whole lot of home truths and some big realisations this full moon.

Although this may seem scary and unnerving as you are pushed to go a little bit deeper into your shadows to find the answers you need this is a fully supportive moon of courage, self worth and independence. This is a full moon in which you can breakthrough so make sure that you don’t allow yourself to wallow in any ‘poor me’ and instead accept everything with grace and an open loving heart. This moon wants to take you a little into that darkness simply so it can shine a light on where you self sabotage and help you to break free.

This full moon is all about realigning with your purpose, breaking free of chains and most of all trust. Deep trust in yourself, in life, in the synchronicities and signs that present themselves to you at all times, to the little inner voices that nudge you, to the road less traveled that you keep making excuses not to walk down.
As the focus of a full moon is all about letting go this is also about trusting enough to do just that. To let go of the old habits and self sabotaging ways that have kept you nearly but not quite. To the relationships that no longer serve or the job that stifles. You also need to let go of the self doubt that prevents you from believing n yourself and the power to manifest your dreams. Letting go is scary but this full moon is bringing you all the illumination, trust and help that you need.
On a final note the Aquarius full moon helps us to see beyond ourselves out there into what the world really needs. This will often help push us to start to display hidden talents and long hidden dreams as the Aquarius full moon wants to know what the point of having a gift is if you don’t want to share it? The world needs you in all your authentic, wild, purpose filled glory! This is a moon that’s all about connection, collaboration and working together, for we are so much stronger that way so ask for help if you need it and offer it to anyone that you feel could use it.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” On this watery full moon let’s be the ocean…

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