Aquarius Full Moon August 2020

Posted on July 30th, 2020

The last full moon in Capricorn asked you to step into your inner power, truth and spiritual awakening and live your purpose. Then along came our double/black moon in Cancer to give you a second chance at a new beginning, asking you to take responsibility for your life and create a safe home in you. Now this Aquarius full moon comes along to illuminate the skies and your need for the freedom to be yourself.

There may be a real feeling of things shifting around this full moon, a sense of a stirring energy in the pit of your belly and you might find yourself prowling, pacing up and down and feeling restless and restricted.

This full moon is calling you to find the freedom to be yourself. Given what we have been through and learned and processed over the last few months, this moon wants to help you break things out and break things up and awaken into a new reality. A new reality where you are free to be you – truly, completely and authentically you, with nothing left to hide or fear.

There will be a very intense, dynamic energy around this moon as you are called to break free from all that limits and holds you back.

There will be a very intense, dynamic energy around this moon as you are called to break free from all that limits and holds you back. You will be able to see and feel so clearly all the areas in your life where you are stuck, not just bound by external factors, but also how you bind yourself.   And you will feel this. You will feel as though you are fed up of being held down and held back and the need to create change will be strong. Where you have felt cautious or restricted over the last few months you now want to simply break free. You’ll find yourself tired of restrictions and wanting to take action and shake things up. You will want to break out of boring stuck patterns and ways of thinking and believing and being – there may even be a sense of being bored of yourself and the ways in which you always worry and hold yourself back, and with this a longing to simply let go of all the fear and just embrace, accept and be yourself.   This moon is here to help you to fearlessly seek your truth and, most of all, find an unwavering faith in where your journey is taking you. Although this moon will feel intense, remember that fear and excitement feel the same in the body so lean into this with an edge of excitement and trust that this is all happening for a reason to help you move towards your greatest potential and freedom. Don’t try to control or grip around this moon, otherwise you’ll feel things actually slipping away further and faster! Notice what you are resisting and instead lean into this energy with total trust and surrender. Trust that your soul knows best and that when you let things fall away you are only left with the most authentic version of you and what is lasting and true for you, this is the greatest freedom.