Aquarius Full Moon – August 2019

Posted on August 13th, 2019

Following on from the Leo new moon, which called you completely into your individual, authentic, unique expression of YOU, comes freedom-seeking Aquarius to help you complete all you set into motion at the last new moon.

You may have found yourself in the last few days in a ‘nearly, but not quite’ void. It’s like you’re almost there… but not quite. You can envision it, feel it, see it, almost touch it – but just can’t quite bring it into words, form, or reality. It’s like you’re one step away, one day away, one belief or mindset shift away, one big push or conversation or action away. You may have found motivation and concentration levels low, and procrastination levels and the voice of ‘not enough’ are off the scale!

This full moon has come along to shine a big, bright light on your life so that you can clearly see where and how you are keeping yourself stuck in the ‘nearly, but not quite’ mindset. It’s really important to get clear on your stories under this moon, as it’s the same story that perpetually keeps your dreams just out of reach, that always keep you in the ‘nearly made it’…but not quite.

Realign with your purpose

This full moon is all about realigning with your purpose, breaking free of chains and most of all, trust. Deep trust in yourself, in life, in the synchronicities and signs that present themselves to you at all times. To the little inner voices that nudge you, to the road less travelled that you keep making excuses not to walk down.   The Leo moon, and the sun still being in Leo, started a call-to-action in your heart. Aquarius comes along to take your vision even further, into how you can be of service and how your hearts vision and purpose will serve the world. This is an imaginative, idealistic moon so you will find your ability to envision and see the future and see yourself as your greatest self, much easier.