Full Moon Clearing Ceremony

Posted on July 30th, 2015

Full Moon Clearing Ceremony

What you will need:
A saucepan or something fireproof!
A lighter
Candles, crystals, incense and anything else which holds special meaning
An open heart and willingness to let go

Find a time and a space where you can be alone and uninterrupted for around half an hour or so. It is best to do this in the evening when the moons energies feel the strongest but anytime is better than not at all! Make the space sacred by surrounding yourself with crystals or anything else which holds special meaning for you. It also helps to create a special ambience by lighting candles and burning incense.

Sit in your circle and feel at once safe and grounded. Close your eyes and take a few long, slow, deep breaths. Feel as if each breath takes your awareness inwards into your deepest intuition, wisdom and knowing. Now tune into the energy of the full moon, see her brightness illuminating any problem areas in your life. Feel her strength and courage, her deep eternal wisdom. Say a few words to the moon, asking for her help. Ask for the answers to come to you, the wisdom to see clearly what is holding you back or keeping you stuck and for the bravery and courage to release and let it go so you can move forwards.

On a piece of paper write down anything you wish to release from your life, write each thing on a separate piece of paper if there is more than one. If you can already see the lesson or meaning behind what you need to let go of take a few moments to acknowledge what you have learned and be grateful for the experience (if this is not possible yet then don’t worry, just this simple act of being willing to let this go may be enough for now)

Take a moment to affirm and set the intention that you are completely willing to release and let go. Then take each piece of paper one at a time. Read aloud what it is that you want to release (remember that our words carry great power) and deeply feel what it is that you want to let go of. Then set fire to the paper with the words ‘be gone’, drop the paper into the fireproof dish and wait until it’s fully burned away before doing the same with each piece of paper. Feel the lightness and freedom that comes over you as you LET IT GO.

Once all the pieces of paper have been burned close your eyes and sit in a space of total surrender. Notice anything that comes to for you during this time.
Thank the moon for her assistance and ask her to help you to keep releasing over the next two weeks as she herself grows smaller, letting go of a little more each day. You may want to take the ashes of everything you have released and scatter them somewhere, seeing them being fully released.